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What We Do

We draw upon cutting edge ideas from psychology, coaching and consultancy. Our aim is the transformation of leaders, teams and organisations.

We work with our clients from around the globe to progress their thinking and push the boundaries of what is possible.

We achieve this by replacing used-up habits with newly built approaches.

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Who We Are

We are experienced consultants, coaches and psychologists who address the needs of clients when the status quo no longer works. We find their journey through change is rarely straightforward.

Professor Bob Kegan, Harvard Graduate School
“Change is hard, especially when the familiar is so falsely reassuring”

New perspectives arise when change is what becomes familiar. A leader’s thinking and behaviour becomes larger – reflection and adjustment takes place in the midst of action. Having experienced this for ourselves, we collaborate with leaders, teams and whole organisations who are on the same journey.

How We Work

Our approach to change provides clients with a clear pathway to achieving their goals. We find the way people see the world, how they act from day to day, is the basis for accelerating their transformation. We help leaders develop a broader and deeper approach and overcome subconscious barriers to optimal leadership:

  • Breadth – guiding leaders in ways to unlock their hidden leadership and discover barely used talents
  • Depth – supporting leaders to build the character necessary to sustain this leadership over the long term.
  • Barriers – encouraging self-awareness in leaders’ perceptions of their own ways of seeing and acting as the basis for changing old habits and creating those that are new.

Who We Work For

Over the last 10 years we have designed and delivered successful culture change, leadership, and transformation programmes for CEOs and senior executives, leadership teams, business divisions, and multinational organisations as a whole.

Here are some of our global clients that have benefitted from the expertise, care and professional approach we bring to creating transformation and achieving great results:

This is what our clients say about working with YSML:

“I was able to lead the division to its best scorecard performance ever within the first year of working with my YSML coach”.

“YSML brought such clarity to the leadership development challenges we faced and enabled us to work through them.”

“The impact, results and outcomes of YSML’s team intervention were way beyond what I thought possible.”

“YSML’s approach to our re-organisation was transformative – it enabled us to build momentum within just two months.”

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What Are We Thinking Today?

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