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Executive Coaching

Executives experience a range of transitions in their careers:

  • Promotion: moving to a new role or new organisation
  • Expansion: moving from line to matrix management
  • Innovation: managing a turnaround or implementing a new strategy
  • Diversity: tasked with improving diversity and cross-cultural teamwork.

According to client data, 40% of these moves fail within eighteen months:

Poor alignment with reporting manager 48%
Poor ability in achieving peer cooperation 57%
Poor ability to fit into a new culture 65%
Poor understanding of how organisation works 69%

By understanding potential snags and fostering awareness and insight, executive coaching equips the leader for the challenge of their transition with greater success.

Executive coaching: our difference

Managing a transition well is a tricky proposition, particularly when we may misread current situations, treating them like previous encounters from other roles. What goes unseen is not only how the earlier occasion was somewhat different, but we were without the experience we later gained.

To overcome this tendency, executives need to recognise their overreliance on past strategies and previous contexts and form new perspectives and ways of moving forward. Examining the present situation for what is different, over and above what is familiar, is a vital tool for executive success.

Executive coaching: our approach

Executives need to find the place between the challenge and their skills. When the challenge exceeds skills anxiety arises, when skills surpass the challenge, perhaps the challenge needs to be raised.

The optimal path tracked between the challenge and executive skills is known as  flow (Csikszentmihalyi, 1999).

When operating at peak performance, in sports, in music, in chess-playing or scientific research, those at the top of their game report an experience of flow. This is when their skills align with the challenge they face. They feel a state of heightened awareness and at one with the task in hand.

Our approach to coaching promotes opportunities for flow in the executive’s professional life.

We help executives to develop breadth, increase depth and overcome subconscious barriers in how they lead.

We promote flow through five self-reflective steps:

  • Observe your judging: your evaluating of yourself and others
  • Observe your feeling as well as thoughts about the situation
  • Step back and detach yourself from these instant responses
  • Discern what is essential and discriminate in favour of what is most important for a particular situation.
  • Engage with your new vision and plan what actions need to follow

We find the integration of these steps lead to the executive who is more dynamic and ready to respond to the actual issues. But also one who is more neutral allowing them to make more strategic choices when processing challenges.

Operating in a mode of dynamic neutral is key to accessing flow – thus sustaining high performance for executives.

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The impact of YSML’s Executive Coaching

YSML clients share the following about our work:

 The YSML coach’s approach is uncompromising and delivers results. Our work together enabled me to notice more about myself when it matters and find what is most meaningful to me. There are many areas we have explored that positively impacted my development and growth. The one I’d call out in particular, is being more and more able to recognise what triggers me, in the moment, without judgement and make a choice in how I use those triggers. 

President Customer Services

Global Telecommunications Company

 Thanks to YSML coaching support and guidance I was able to grow as a professional and as a human being during a very tough time in my career. The YSML coach was an incredible professional able to combine great coaching, business effectiveness and an unparalleled human touch which makes them the most effective coach I’ve had the pleasure to work with. YSML coached other executives in the business as well and the results have been amazing. They were able to ignite effective and long-lasting transformations in senior leaders. 

HR Director

Global Online Fashion Company