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Leadership Training & Development

Our training programs combine psychological experience and behavioural insights to turn good people into great leaders. We deliver results through a combination of online learning tools, virtual seminars and in-depth one-to-one sessions. 

Leadership training: our difference

While instant results are important, any intervention must be sustainable. We pay great attention to the risk of leaders reverting to familiar habits once they return to the daily pressure of the job.

The real task for leadership training is to overcome this tendency. The challenge for any leader is to examine familiar, outworn habits from many angles and work through the subconscious barriers that prevent change.

Leadership training: our approach

We help leaders to develop breadth, increase depth and overcome subconscious barriers in how they lead. In leadership training, there are four skills that support this work and make the most significant difference in growth and transformation:

1. Listening


2. Explaining

4. Transforming

  1. Listening: Attentive listening on its own (free of evaluation and judging) can achieve half of what is required. In many cases, being heard leads to self-reflection and significant change.
  2. Explaining: But when self-awareness reveals more complex issues, people want to understand why their habitual processes have remained so long in place – and why they may not be relevant today.
  3. Educating: Some leaders find it useful to take this further and understand the theory behind leadership and transformation to make better sense of the changes desired.
  4. Transforming: Complex and intractable problems require a final skill we offer. By allowing the build-up of tension between opposing values or positions – without being tempted to resolve one way or the other – produces a third position which holds the potential for transformation. This is often unpredictable from the initial position but is clearly recognised as a new way forward.

The impact of YSML’s leadership training

YSML co-design leadership training in collaboration with the client’s learning team. The feedback we receive, and value, goes further than verbal anecdotes and gets expressed in statistics – figures that show results. The Chief Learning Officer at an FTSE 100 technology business shared the following about our work:

 YSML has an exceptional talent for designing and rolling out leadership training across all levels. They designed an award-winning leadership programme for the business across the globe. It took six weeks from initial brief to board signoff, and the top 600 had gone through the intervention within six months. YSML helped to capture the imagination of the whole company, and we rolled out the programme to all middle and frontline managers. The programme became the basis for our leadership and management academy, serving over 40,000 leaders across 70 countries. YSML’s work achieved above my highest expectations for what was possible. 

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