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Organisation Design and Development

The best organisational design promotes a highly effective and efficient flow of work, information and resources around a business. The pressure to develop such excellence has never been greater for customers and companies alike; communications technology and social media have come centre stage. Together with shifts in global markets resulting in an economic downturn, we need to find new ways of operating.

Organisation Design and Development: Our Difference

In partnership with our clients, YSML prepare for this new reality through the design of organisational systems, processes and people. We make sure that programmes of change do not end at the design stage but proceed to implementation and the reaping of benefits. Recognising their interdependent nature, YSML integrate analysis, design, and systems and respect the unique work culture within every organisation.

Organisation Design and Development: our approach

At YSML, we view organisations as complex social processes and systems that are continually doing their best to survive and thrive. We help clients to build agility and adaptability within fast-changing environments by learning, building and evolving as they grow:

  • We focus on co-creating with our clients – whether this is the change approach, Target Operating Models (TOM), Organisational Designs or desired cultural shifts.
  • We consider the extent to which designed TOMs and structures may be implemented from the start, rather than divorcing design from implementation. Our structural design supports and responds to the cultural, behavioural and attitude changes our clients seek.
  • Recognising that organisational change usually means shifts in power dynamics that will attract unwanted consequences, we work with our clients to co-create robust and sustainable stakeholder strategies. We empathetically address organizational uncertainty and anxiety at an early stage.
  • We take time to understand the current culture to achieve desired structures and operations in a timely manner.
  • We accelerate the implementation of organisational design with interventions ranging from programmes for cultural change, attention to executive and leadership effectiveness, and large group events.
  • We provide organisations with both early and ongoing engagement at all levels. It is vital to overcome resistance to change. YSML engage early to enable creative adjustments for people and systems in a sustainable and ongoing manner.

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If you are looking to accelerate cost transformation, integrate an acquisition, or build a more adaptive organisation, please contact us to find out how YSML could help.

Organisation Design and Development: The Impact

At YSML, our in-house methods and strategic approach to accelerating change are tailored individually to clients’ organisational culture:

 The re-organisation of our global IT function had stalled. After nine months of treading water, we chose to work with YSML. Their approach was transformative – it enabled us to build momentum within just two months. Now we are well ahead of schedule to deliver the expected benefits of this programme. 

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