Is it me, or is it you?

Team Effectiveness

In a team of talented people, individual ability often outshines team performance. Leaders want to know how they can harness individual brilliance to achieve optimal team effectiveness.

Posing this question, we find, leads to the solution: ‘When we think about what is stalling our team’s effectiveness – is it me or is it you?

Team Effectiveness: Our Difference

Incremental improvements can be made by building on existing strengths. But gains that transform team effectiveness arise from members’ discovery of their hidden talents – and consciously integrating these into their daily life.

We help leaders realise and examine their role in creating team effectiveness. Working with teams, we bring to the surface those ideas and behaviours that have been lying outside full awareness. Once these are seen, their impact is recognised, and they can be consciously addressed.

Acting from full conscious awareness, leaders enable team effectiveness to soar.

Team effectiveness: our approach

We help teams to develop breadth, increase depth and overcome subconscious barriers in how they work together. We create a plan for each person to become the fullest version of themselves by helping team members to understand the dynamics between them – and to own their contribution.

Working in this way allows leaders insight – what they found at fault in others may highlight underdeveloped or neglected parts of themselves. As teams grow in this way, they will notice how their conversations change. As leaders become more fully themselves, their participation in business conversations increases in value, and team performance transforms.

Team effectiveness: The impact of YSML at work

A recent YSML client at a global brewing business shared the following about our work:

 YSML coached the senior team as part of an organisation-wide intervention they designed on growth and becoming the best you can be. The YSML coach had an ability to capture the audience and with their clear and simple approach, give meaning to ‘development and leadership’. They have an outstanding ability to observe and assess a leadership team in a very respectful way. YSML brought such clarity to the leadership challenges we faced. This enabled the senior team to face into their development opportunities, work through these together, and support our transformation journey in the process. 

HR Director

Global Brewing Company

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